Day 7 – Somewhere I’d like to visit

* Before I even start this post I want to officially announce that I’m back!! My final exams are done and all that awaits me now is universityyyy!! During this month I’ll probably write a post or two about school system in Croatia, our final exams and colleges! Now back to the challenge… *

Introduction to the challenge: This month I’m challenging myself!

Travelling is something I love, something I live for, but something I actually don’t have any time or money for. One of my main things to do after I graduate from college is to visit all my favourite locations in the world. Today, I’m going to share only five of them, which I’d like to visit the most:

    1. London, UK

Picture taken from this site.
Ever since I was a kid, I was reaaaally obsessed with England and London, and, I have to admit, I kinda still am. Riding The London Eye, hearing the Big Ben striking the hour, being at the top of the red double-decker.. I really hope that I’ll get the opportunity to see all that with my own eyes in the near future.

2. Berlin, Germany
berlin.jpgPicture taken from this site.
As a person who adores Germany and everything German, is it really weird that Germany’s capital city is on this list? On my second year of high school, in German class, we talked a lot about Berlin. This is how I’ve come to love this city and become interested in visiting it. Our whole school had a trip there planned, but unfortunately it was cancelled. 😦
Something tells me that this might be the first place from this list that I’ll get to visit, but we’ll see!

3. Tokyo, Japan
tokyo.jpgPicture taken from here.
I’ve recently become really interested in Japanese culture, so normally, this city had to be mentioned here. It’s so much different from everything I’ve mentioned (and will mention) here. Even though it’s really far away, I hope I’ll still manage to fulfill my wish and stay there for a couple of days!

4. Paris, France
Picture taken from here.
Of course. Is there anyone that doesn’t have Paris on their “to visit” list? If I ever get there, I want to experience this city in the best way possible, see everything, try every kind of food/drinks they have to offer. I’m planning to start learning French soon, so hopefully, I’ll know at least the basics of the language when I visit Paris.

5. Matamata, New Zealand

matamata.jpgPicture taken from here.
I’m a HUUUUUGE Lord of the Rings fan and visiting one of the filming locations, especially this one, would be a dream come true. It’s probably furthest away from my country than any other city mentioned before, but I still think it’s manageable to get there and live like a hobbit for at least a day!

There is a whole bunch of places that I didn’t mention here but I’d still quite enjoy visiting like New York, Lisbon, Dublin,…

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you want me to write about the places I already visited, please, write it in the comments!


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Mia 🙂


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