Day 3 – My current relationship (or in my case – being single)

Introduction to the challenge!

Relationships are something that I never had the opportunity to experience. Yes, I am 18 and I’ve never had a boyfriend!

Most of the people who are my age have already been in one or even more relationships. There are girls who can’t even stay single for a day and are in constant search for new boyfriends when they don’t have one. When it comes to me, I’ve never been much of a person to get involved in such things. I’ve had a few crushes, but I never wanted anything more than that.
Couples are as weird to me as I am to them. I just don’t get how two people can spend so much time together and not get too bored after an hour. I just can’t see myself doing that, at least for now. Maybe all this sounds awful, but I guess I value the time I have only for myself too much. I guess you could say that I’m too selfish to have a boyfriend.
One of the problems is also the fact that I haven’t yet found a person who seems to be right for me. But I’m only 18! I’m sure that’ll happen sometimes soon.

So how exactly is it being single?
Well, for starters, I can go out where I want and when I want. If I don’t feel like going out somewhere, I can just stay at home and don’t feel guilty about dropping out on someone. I get to spend much more time with my friends (good for you if you manage to balance spending time with your bf and friends!). I can talk about that cute waiter who just brought me coffee with my friends and not make anyone jealous. And of course, at the end of the day, I don’t have to make any compromises with anyone. I can watch whatever TV-show or movie I want.

Now let’s wrap this post up with a song that reminds me of SUMMER!!

This song reminds me of summer soooooo much! I heard it while I was shopping in H&M and it just became my personal summer hit.


That’s all for today! 😀


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Mia 🙂




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