Day 2 – Describe: the good, the bad, and the ugly of yourself


Introduction to the challenge!

Today’s theme seems really interesting. I’ll try to write as many things as I can. Maybe you’ll get a better picture of who I am as a person! I think writing in bullets is going to be much easier for me to see what I mentioned and what I forgot and for you who are reading this post (because who likes to read chunks of text??).


  • I’m good at advising and supporting people (or at least that’s what they say), I’m a good listener, so if any of you have any problems, you can always reach me here and I’ll try to make you feel better even if we never talked before (no, I’m not going to by a therapist)
  • I’m quite organised and I’m almost never late
  • I’m not a crowd follower, I’d rather stay alone than do something that I don’t approve and/or don’t want to be a part of
  • I’m good at promises
  • I’m loyal to my friends and will help them in any situation

Now, I don’t actually know what the difference between bad and ugly should be, so I’m going to mash those two together (and I hope you don’t mind).


  • I’m really stubborn – sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes it’s not, but my stubbornness started a lot of quarrels
  • I’m hot-headed – it doesn’t take too much to get me angry, so be careful (lol), lately, I’ve been trying to control myself more, but I can’t tell yet if I’ve been successful or not
  • though I’m quite empathetic with people I love and respect, I just don’t take feelings of those who I’m not fond of into consideration, they might not have done anything to deserve my disliking, but I just don’t care about them 😥
  • I can be mean sometimes, and by mean I mean really mean.. (this sentence is priceless)
  • laziness is one of my biggest disadvantages, I’m not lazy when it comes to doing something for school, I’m lazy when it comes to going out with people or exercising
  • I make really bad jokes


There’s probably a lot of my traits that I forgot to write about and are therefore not really that important for you to get to know me better. I really think that these are some of the things that represent me the best or the worst (if you only take the bad and the ugly category in consideration). I’m of that opinion that there isn’t a person who is only good or bad. We all have a bit of both of them inside of us. I take this opportunity to quote one of my favourite characters from Harry Potter series: We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” (Sirius Black)

And of course, my song challenge: 

The song with a number in the title – Tokio Hotel: 1000 Meere


Tokio Hotel is one of my favourite bands of ALL TIME! I became their fan in 2008 and still am ever since then. This is actually the first song by them that I heard, that’s why it means a lot to me.


That’s all!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Day 1 – What, why, and where I write.




Mia 🙂


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