Day 1 – What, why, and where I write.


Introduction to the challenge : This month I’m challenging myself!


The very first time I wrote a post on this blog, I shared with you why I actually started blogging. Now I’m going to write a bit more about it! 😉

FIRSTLY, what am I writing about on this blog?
I have to admit, that this blog doesn’t really have some kind of a special theme. I’m just writing about anything that comes on to my mind. Some days I’ll want to write about some place I visited recently and some days I’ll be more serious and write about things like my friends and family, relationships with people around me, death, love,… Since I’m blogging just for the purpose of my entertainment, I don’t want to be limited to only some topics. Being a fashion blog or a travelling blog sound interesting, but I want my blog to be everything in one! It’s mine, so it’s only logical for it to represent myself as a person, and I’m interested in many things and can’t focus only on one thing. I know that there is maybe an unwritten rule for a blog to have its own theme, but I’m a Slytherin, and I don’t follow the rules! LOL

SECONDLY, why do I write?
Not only is this blog a great opportunity for me to practise my English, but it is also like a diary for me, except I’m sharing all my thoughts with people online. I’m sure that most of you are faced with problems daily, and for me, writing is the way to blow off some steam and feel more relaxed at the end of a really frustrating day. Also, I think that I didn’t make a mistake when I choose this to be my “finals practice”. Thanks to this blog, I’ve learned some new words and extended my vocabulary, which will be amazingly helpful in two weeks when I’ll be writing my final exam in English. All in all, blogging is quite useful, but fun at the same time. Is there any better combination than that?

THIRDLY, where do I write?
My bedroom is the location where I mostly write. It is the only room in my apartment in which I feel safe and cosy enough. I like to take out my laptop, sit on my bed right next to the window (if there’s any daylight) or next to the bedside lamp (if it’s nighttime). All of my posts are written on my laptop since it’s easier to use this kind of keyboard for me than the one on the phone. This part probably requires a photo of the place but I’ll have to disappoint you and not share the image with you. My room is currently in a mess and I really don’t feel like sharing that with the internet.

Since I’m really into all these challenges this month, I decided to do an another one: the 30 day song challenge!

We’re going to begin the challenge with a song that has a colour in the title, and the song is by one of my favourite bands of all time:


That’s all for today!!

Be free to leave some feedback or contact me on twitter!


Mia 🙂



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