When have we become so shallow?

Nowadays it seems as if selfies and number of likes and followers on platforms such as Instagram are more important than actually enjoying in things that life brings us.

When I was about 10 years old, no one had a Facebook account. The only website I used to visit was Club Penguin (R.I.P. 😥 ) with my friends and barbie.com. Now, I see more and more children who just started school opening their profiles and posting ridiculous selfies of themselves.

When I was 14, I didn’t even own much makeup except from one lipgloss and one shimmery white eyeshadow. Now girls put tons of foundation, do contouring, draw their eyebrows on, etc. They behave as if they are over 20 years old, as if they’re not still children.

I am 18 now and I’m sure my generation is quite different than those who were 18 let’s say about 2-3 years ago. Looking at my classmates and generally people in my school, I came to a conclusion that no one really enjoyes anything anymore. Young people spend more time on their phones while they’re out with friends. It is a must that you take at least 10 selfies whenever you go out of the house and publish the “best” one right away on Instagram. The other 9 are for #tbt for the next 10 Thursdays.

When I was on prom trip last year in August, most of the girls were just looking for drugstores and malls so they can buy as much clothes and makeup as they can (I should just point out that that same clothes can be bought in Croatia).

I don’t want to be a part of such twisted ceremonies (lol). I take pictures, not because I want to put them on various websites, but because I want to remember all the great things that I witnessed with my friends. If I put some makeup on before school, I do it because I was just feeling like it, not because I want to look like Kylie Jenner or any other Kardashian.

We should all just take some time to be ourselves. Trying to be something you’re not and being constantly worried about how you look is not a good thing. Take at least one day off from social media, talk with your family, your friends, appreciate the time you have together.


Mia 🙂


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