A huge writer’s block!

I’m finally on spring break and I finally have some more time to write and take photos. BUT… I just don’t have any inspiration!

You know that feeling when you want to do nothing but just lay around and relax? Because that’s exactly how I feel right now. I guess all the stuff that’s been happening the past months has been too much for me… and now, I’m having a huge writer’s block. 😦

The thing that I don’t have any inspiration is making me quite annoyed, so I decided to just sit down and write these foolishness that were hiding in my brain (I hope you don’t mind). Why, you may ask? Because I feel so fulfilled whenever I write a post on this blog. I don’t have to have thousands of likes or thousands of readers. The fact that I’m able to express myself with words is really relieving. It feels like I’m talking to a really good friend who listens to every single word I say.

I hope I’ll get over this stupid writer block and that this won’t be the last blog entry I’ll post this week (well, actually, it will be, because it’s Sunday and tomorrow is the beginning of a new week lol).

If you have any tips on getting over a writer’s block or any topics you’d like me to write about, feel free to leave me a comment or tweet me.


Until next time!


Mia 🙂


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