Ever since I was a child, I showed passion for everything linguistic. I’ve learned to write quite early, I’ve started to learn English when I was about 5 years old, and later, while the other kids in my class wanted to get a pony, a racing car or a new Barbie doll, my wish was to start learning Italian.

Yes, I was quite a special child (and I still am :’) ). Currently, I’m studying three foreign languages: English, German and Italian and I hope I won’t sound too cocky when I say that I’m the best student in all of the classes. While others struggle with tenses and irregular verbs, I finish most of my work even too early sometimes. I just find gramatics very interesting and I have no problems with remembering all the vocabulary.

I guess you can now understand why I’m so obsessed with languages. They’re literally an open door to the world. If you’re a native English speaker maybe you won’t get what I’m saying, because most people nowadays know a bit of the language and you can communicate wherever you go. But, if you’re, just like me, born in a state where English isn’t one of the spoken languages, you’ll know that if you want to visit a place outside of the country or even try to accomplish something a bit greater, you’ll have to start studying English (or any other more frequently spoken language).

Just so you can visualise: about 5.5 million people worldwide speak Croatian (my native language) whereas over 800 million people worldwide speak English, that’s quite a difference.

My point is: whether your language is spoken everywhere or literally nowhere, learning a foreign language is an interesting experience and a great achievement.

So if you have some spare time, try to start learning a language. You don’t have to take up a course. Duolingo is one of the best ways to learn a language and don’t do too much work. I literally got my Italian up to the A2 level and I didn’t have any help, I’ve done it all on my own!

Hope you enjoyed this post, March favourites should also be posted during this week!

Mia 🙂



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