~ February favourites!! ~

The past month was really busy for me. I was horribly sick and I had no energy to write. Then there was my prom, so I had to buy a dress, shoes,… I haven’t had ANY time to post something on this blog which is terrible, but now I’m here again, yaaay!!

I know it’s a bit late for last month’s favourites, however, since I mentally ordered myself to do them every month, this post is going to be dedicated to things I liked the most in February. I hope you’ll enjoy! 🙂


I’m a huge bookworm and genuinely enjoy reading, but February was not the month to do it. The only book I read was “The Return of Filip Latinovicz” by Miroslav Krleža. I can’t say that the book is amazing. It was quite boring for most of the time. The only “bright” part of it was a plot twist at the very end.

Hopefully, I’ll have more time to read this month. If not…then I’ll probably go crazy and murder everyone around me.


Or not…


Last month I mentioned kickthePJ as my “Youtuber of the month” so to those who already watch his videos or know anything about him, it shouldn’t be odd that I decided to watch one of the most amazing Japanese animated films: My Neighbour Totoro.


The colours, the music, the scenery, everything was just incredible! At first it seemed like an ordinary cartoon, but the emotional rollercoaster that I had to go through ’till the very end was something that will stay with me forever, and I’ll gladly go back and watch this amazing film again. Oh yeah, and the only thing that annoyed me a bit were the voice actresses for Satsuki and Mei (I think they were the Fanning sisters), so the next time I watch it, it’ll probably be in Japanese.


1.) Linkin Park ft. Kiiara – Heavy

2.) Foo Fighters – My Hero

3.) Pearl Jam – Even Flow

4.) The Chainsmokers – Paris

5.) twenty one pilots – Heavydirtysoul


1.) Holyplant hand & nail cream with almond oil:

Smells incredible, makes hands really soft. The only thing I’m not sure is if it’s available outside Croatia, since it’s a Croatian product.


2.) beauty UK posh palette no.1. “Eden”

The first product from beauty UK that I ever tried. Consists of 10 eyeshadows, mostly shimmery ones, in bronze, golden, brown colours. I haven’t had any problems with blending them and they stay on for quite some time (with a good base).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3.) essence “we are… in love” nail polish. 03 I ❤ YOU BERRY MUCH

I’m a big fan of essence products so of course I had to buy at least one of the new nail polishes from the February collection “we are…”. Though it doesn’t really last that long on the nails, the colour is really nice so that’s mostly the reason why I’m putting it in my favourites.



I guess that’s it!

Mia ❤



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