Two months ago I turned 18, which means I’m now legally an adult in Croatia and most of the world. Many consider this to be a huge event in a young person’s life, but is it really that important?

To be honest, I never had much expectations about coming of age. There are some things that I was kinda hyped about like  having my own Paypal account and my own credit card or buying lottery tickets just for fun. Not really much besides that. And what about booze and cigarettes you might ask? I’m a special cookie, so I don’t drink alcohol or smoke like most of my peers do.

The thing is,  I don’t actually feel any kind of different, but have a feeling that I should. I should be more responsible and start taking more care of myself, but I still feel like a child: I’m still living with my parents, I still don’t have a job (lots of stills lol), I have no clue about taxes, bills or anything like that: I’m just not ready for the “big world”.

What I don’t understand is why do people even come of age at this time? What makes it so special? Most of the people my age are in the same situation as I am, people probably were in the same situation and will be, so why? So many questions, yet so few answers..

Though we are now legally adults, I think it takes more time and experience to really feel like it and accept it. It’ll be hard, but I know that one day I’ll probably laugh at this stupid post and the foolishness I’m writing.

So, yeah, you can criticize me about now being mature enough or responsible, BUT NEVER TELL ME THAT I’M TOO OLD TO LIKE HARRY POTTER? Like SIRIUSly??

So how did you pass through this “crisis”? If you’re not of age, do you have any expectations? You can leave all your thoughts in the comments, I’d really like to hear your opinion!

Until next time!

Mia 🙂



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