What? Doing favourites every month is lame? Well, that’s ok, because I’m lame! (jk…or not really…)

Anyways, I thought it would be nice to share with the world what I’ve been enjoying the most during the last month. There will be books, music, makeup,… literally everything.


Since I’ve recently become a member of the city’s library, I can borrow ANY book I want, which is perfect for a bookworm like myself. But, of course, I have to do a lot of reading for school so I didn’t exactly have time yet to borrow more books I actually want to read.

  1. Suzanne Collins: Catching Fire 
    Yes, I’ve never read any of the books from The Hunger Games trilogy, and no, I haven’t been living under a rock until now. This book is so good that I needed only a few days to read it. Would recommend it, 10/10.
  2. J.R.R. Tolkien: The Children of Hurin
    I’m a big fan of Tolkien and this book was something that I wanted to read for a long time. Ever since I read The Silmarillion I was curious about those certain characters that this book revolves about and it definitely did not disappoint me. I recommend it to every hardcore fantasy fan.
  3. Ivo Andrić: Prokleta avlija (The Cursed Yard)
    Learned about him in Croatian class and was fascinated so I decided to read it. Feels a bit boring at the very beginning, but as you go on, it gets really interesting. I’d say it’s one of the best books by a Croatian writer I’ve ever read.


  1. The Theory of Everything
    I literally fell in love with Eddie Redmayne in Fantastic Beasts so I decided to watch some of his movies and this was the one that caught my eye. Really emotional, inspiring, both Eddie and Felicity Jones were stunning.. warning: you’ll probably cry
  2. Gilmore Girls
    This channel on my tv is rerunning all the seasons of the Gilmore Girls AND I’M IN LOVE!!
  3. The Big Bang Theory
    Ehm…do I really have to explain anything?


I’m just going to list top 10 songs I liked the most (+ the linkss):

  1. White Lies – Don’t want to feel it all
  2. Tokio Hotel – What if
  3. BILLY – Odds are against us
  4. twenty one pilots – Car radio
  5. twenty one pilots – Doubt
  6. The 1975 – Somebody else
  7. The 1975 – Sex
  8. Jonathan – Who lies to whom
  9. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Go robot
  10. Kings of Leon – Radioactive


I’m too lazy to take a picture of everything I’m going to mention so I’ll link you to the pages where you can see the products, the price, etc.

  1. The most perfect jeans
    I have been looking for a good pair of jeans EVERYWHERE. I found these in H&M, paid about 50 euros or so… They’re suuuper comfy and warm enough for the winter.
  2. Maybelline Affinitone concealer
    One of the best concealers I’ve tried, definitely going to buy it again.
  3. Essence matt matt matt lipstick
    For the amazingly low price, I have to say that this lipstick is definitely one of my favourite favourites of the month!


KICKTHEPJ!!!!!!!! I’ve seen him in PewDiePie’s and Marzia’s videos but never really watched any of his. Not only is he my favourite youtuber in January, but he’s on a good way to become my fav youtuber EVER!

During this month, I’ll try to visit some blogs and put them in my next favourites post!

Let’s just hope that February is going to be as cool as January..





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